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  When The Demons last tournament was over, it took our son a day or so to realize that “it” was over. And, when he did, he was visibly saddened by that thought.The “it” he will be missing is an experience with many aspects and rewards. Being part of and playing for The Demons excited him and brought him real happiness. And we have the pictures to prove it.There were the friends – mostly new ones. Kids he did not know before. Laughing, cheering, teasing, competing with each other, and turning into a very close-knit club. They liked each other and cared for each other. They celebrated each other’s efforts and accomplishments, large and small.There were the games – always different, but played with great enthusiasm and determination. The team wanted to win and they played hard all the time, right til the last out.There were the coaches – patient, funny, firm when needed, excellent teachers and excellent at creating and maintaining the atmosphere which the boys thrived on.If I had to pick just one illustration to show how successful The Demons experience was for our son, it would be this: Many weekends the team had games scheduled for 11 AM or 1 PM. Our son would be up by 7:30 AM and completely dressed in his uniform by 8 AM. Then, he’d keep asking us “Is it time to go yet? Is it time to go yet?!” He was so eager to get to the ballpark - to see his friends; to play some baseball; and to have some more fun.He, and we, truly loved “it”.And we are all sad that “it” came to an end too soon. 

Parent letter


  To whom it may concern,My son, family and I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave Fortney as a Coach, Mentor and Role Model for the young men who play baseball for him for many years now. From our Recreational league beginnings to club baseball, Middle school years and now at the High School Level.Leading the Saguaro High School Freshman Baseball team to a history making, undefeated season; he did so with high moral standards and expected nothing but the same from the team. Each one of the players looks up to Dave and respects the level of coaching he provided and wanted nothing more than to make him proud. I think it says a lot about a man who can lead a group of 15 year old boys that want to impress and make proud; his opinion means the world to these kids.Watching each game and the level of understanding Dave had for each of the boys was quite impressive. He takes the time to get to know each of the players and adjusts his style to match each one of them. Parents and players alike would comment on his abilities to lead with a positive attitude no matter what happened. Every player was included on some level; if not on the field playing they were warming up other players, First Base Coaching or doing something productive; learning the importance of supporting each other no matter what your role may be.Dave has shown us over the years that he is a person who has high morals, standards and is in general a great person. As a parent, I can only hope that every Coach my son comes in contact with shows the dedication, ability to assess and then build teamwork and individual success, all with the great enthusiasm that Coach Fortney has shown.Thank you,Marc Dorman 

Parent letter


 To Whom it May Concern:It gives me pleasure to write this Letter Of Recommendation for Coach Dave Fortney of the Saguaro High School Baseball Team and the Desert Demons Club Ball Team. Our son had the opportunity to play for and be associated with Dave for the past two years. Last year, our son was lucky enough to play on the undefeated Freshman Team coached by Dave and we just returned from Telluride for the second time recently where he put in an immense amount of effort and time “all while being pulled in every direction possible” and shorthanded for help. I honestly don’t know how he pulled it off, yet in the end we won the Championship under his coaching and direction.  Dave Fortney is an exceptional baseball coach and human being. The strength of his experience and expertise is obvious in every aspect of his approach both on and off the field. So much of what the boys learned in this game can be attributed to Dave’s understanding of the game, his expertise in skill development and his leadership. He is a person who shares not only his passion of the game with the boys, but his work ethic as well.Dave realizes the level of performance required to compete on  any level in High School and takes all of the required steps to bring a strong, competitive team to the field. He also provided much needed mentoring to the boys regarding the future of their baseball opportunities at Saguaro. One of my personal favorite memories about watching Dave coaching was when I first experienced him making my son apologize to the umpire for disrespecting the umpire by assuming it was ball four and beginning to trot down to first base. Just that one time is all it took for our son to learn to respect the umpire.Dave is a man of integrity and is very humble. We have certainly appreciated his honesty, candidness and care for his players. We are extremely thankful that our son Travis had the opportunity to learn from and be influenced by Dave Fortney.

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  We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the Desert Demons Club Baseball Team. Our son has been on many baseball teams that were both competitive and non-competitive and the Desert Demons Baseball Club Team has been, by far, the Best team he’s joined. He absolutely enjoyed being on the team. He got along great with his teammates and his Coaches. He worked hard, learned a lot from his coaches and improved his skills. He has told us he wishes he would’ve gotten on the Desert Demons Club Team earlier. Coach Fortney, Coach Muecke and Coach Cody have many years of experience. They take their practices serious and have a good positive attitude all while having fun with the kids. They are all about teaching the kids and helping them improve their skills. All of the Coaches care about the kid’s progression on and off the field. The team has fund raisers to help with the cost of fees and equipment. We’ve had a great experience both as parents and watching our son play. The only thing we regret is that we waited too long to get on Desert Demons Club Baseball Team. 

parent letter


  I have known Dave now for about four years and was impressed with him in the first dealings with him when my son what put on his baseball team over a winter break. He was asked to coach a team for the tournament and he worked well with the boys. They were in-coming freshman from all over the valley and he quickly moved them around and they quickly warmed to him!Since that time our family has been blessed to have Dave work with our second son for over a year. The experience has been amazing! That was with Coach Fortney as the in-coming freshmen team at Saguaro and also the Desert Demons club team! On and off the field he treats his boys with respect and earns their respect and sets expectations for the team and parents at the beginning of the year that is a ‘must’ in the sports world today!Practices are run with a schedule and with energy; constant movement; and the young men work hard in them! Focus and attention is required! There is a time for some laughter toward the end of some of the practices but that included more sweating and included Coach Dave! My son along with other players were expressing to their parents that they couldn’t wait to go to practice again…even though they hadn’t played a game yet! They were getting so much out of practice and enjoying it so much!!!Dave’s organization skills were exceptional – we were notified about tournaments that he was working on and then when they were scheduled and the fees that were to be paid. NO SURPRISES! Email reminders were sent each week by Coach Dave himself! If the games/ tournaments were in the HOT of summer; a simple email reminder to the young men about hydration and drinking plenty of water.On the field coaching; he gives these players a feeling of pride and respect that you can feel in them! An example would be when they are up to bat and maybe the batter before him has had a great hit; he says to him something like ‘we need a hit from you, son. First base is open! You can do it! ‘From third base coaching he just pumps him up… Clapping his hands and smile on his face!I have had the chance to see him at many practices and I could share so many examples of the quality time he spends with each young man and finds their skill and makes it better. Or focuses on something the whole team needs to work on but never in a derogatory manner to the team!I have also had a chance to observe his positive coaching during games from the dugout when I have been taking photos during games! His focus on the game and concern for the player’s physical needs, making sure the young men are focused on the game and he truly keeps his ears open to the pulse of the dugout!Coach Dave was always at practice on time and prepared. I could write pages of great examples on how pleased I have been with Coach Fortney’s baseball coaching and knowledge of the game.

parent letter




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